Social Marketing Bulletin: April 11, 2012


Here are the top social trends 5Loom is discussing the week of April 11, 2012 and what we plan to cover in the coming weeks.


  • Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion this week. Coming off of Instagram’s Android launch last week, this illustrates the longevity of the mobile photo-sharing platform. 
  • There is a lot of speculation from the media how the two will integrate further, and 5Loom will be looking at the opportunities this acquisition could present to brands not yet utilizing Instagram. 
  • Stats: According to Inside Facebook’s AppData tracking service, approximately 20 percent of Instagram users connect to Facebook. This is up from 15% last year. These numbers do not include Android smartphones, and speculation is that the numbers are even higher since the launch of the new app.


  • 5Loom met with its legal task force last week to weigh the copyright and endorsement risks of brands using Pinterest. 5Loom is developing a POV on this topic to share with clients. 
  • The POV will cover how brands can mitigate their risk when using Pinterest, especially in these three categories: brands publishing to Pinterest; brands interacting with partners, celebrities or bloggers on Pinterest; and protecting copyrighted material on Pinterest.
  • If you’d like to receive this POV please contact us at or call at 877-365-6669. 

Facebook Ads

  • New research by TBG Digital shows that average Facebook ad clickthrough rates are highest on weekends, and lowest on Mondays. Saturday’s average CTR is 12 percent higher than Mondays. This may be because of supply and demand, as well as in changes in how people use Facebook through the week. Also, it may be because of usage on Mondays — people may be more focused on browsing news feeds or photos on Mondays. 
  • 5Loom is developing a series of blog posts around best practices for brands using Facebook Advertising. It will cover objectives, targeting, ad types, ROI and more. Be sure to check back on the blog for the first part in this series.

If you would like to learn more about one of these topics, we’d love to talk to you. Please email us at or call at 877-365-6669.

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